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Expectations for Playing Travel Basketball

  • PCTBC plays in the highly competitive Connecticut Basketball Conference and accordingly requires a high level of commitment from all players and parents.
  • The Jr. Highlander program is for boys and girls who aspire to play junior high school and high school basketball.  With that in mind, it is expected PCTBC Basketball be a higher priority than any other sports or clubs.
  • Travel basketball is not for everyone.  Our teams in the junior divisions (4th-6th grades) typically practice twice a week and play games on both Saturday and Sunday. The game schedule ranges from 14-20 games per season.  In our senior divisions (7th-8th grades), teams typically practice once a week after the school team begins practice in December.  They also play one to two games per weekend. 
  • Players and parents should understand the time commitment of practices and games.  Players are expected to be early for all such activity, as well as being present for “chalk talks” and staying afterward for post-game talks.
  • Any exceptions or absences are expected to be communicated in advance to the player’s individual coach.  It is never acceptable to miss, be late or to leave PCTBC events early without prior approval of the head coach.
  • The travel program is generally the best fit for kids who love basketball and would like to eventually play on the junior high school and then high school team. 

Connecticut Basketball Conference

  • Clinton
  • Durham/Coginchaug
  • East Haddam/Hale Ray
  • East Hampton
  • East Lyme
  • Griswold 
  • Groton 
  • Guilford
  • H-K
  • Madison
  • Marlborough
  • Montville 
  • North Branford
  • Old Lyme
  • Old Saybrook
  • Portland
  • Valley Regional
  • Westbrook


  • The Portland Travel Basketball Club is for players seeking to improve their skills and build their character in a highly competitive basketball environment.
  • If a player commits to a travel team and is engaged in conflicting activities, doing so may affect their playing time (Coaches discretion).
  • Players are responsible for notifying their coach if they are going to miss practice or games­
  • The season begins in November and concludes in early March.  Again, lack of participation in practices and games could affect your playing time.
  • Respect is expected for ALL coaches, teammates, opponents, custodial staff, referees and parents.
  • Coaches should be addressed using their last name (i.e. Coach Smith). When coaches are speaking, players are listening.
  • Work hard and stay focused during practices.
  • Be on time to practice. Bring a water bottle to every practice. After practice, be sure to pick up empty bottles and trash.
  • Good sportsmanship is always expected. We will congratulate the other team and thank the referees at the end of each game.
  • There will be NO trash-talking, chest-beating, taunting, fighting, or cursing on or off the court.
  • There will be NO talking back to coaches or referees or arguing calls on the court or from the bench.
  • Only positive comments and encouragement from the bench. We never criticize coaches or teammates before, during, or after any game.
  • Play clean, play hard, play with confidence and have FUN!


  • Must refrain from coaching from the sideline.  No matter how good your intentions, you may not shout instructions to your child.  Attempting to coach from the sidelines is counterproductive, both to your player and to the team.
  • Must be supportive and always encouraging!
  • Must NEVER criticize any player, parent, coach, or game official.
  • If parents have a problem or concern they should see their player's head coach. If your problem or concerns are not addressed, please speak with a Club board member.
  • Cost for each player will be established each year following the formation of teams and completion of game schedules (to determine the number of home games). Cost includes practice time, gym rentals, referees, league costs, insurance, tournament fees, equipment and supplies. In past years, the cost of playing travel basketball has ranged from $200-250 for the season.  If there is a financial concern please notify the board as there are a limited number of “scholarships” available each season.

Coaches are responsible for:

  • Building confidence and creating positive self-esteem for ALL players on the team they coach.
  • Stressing development of the game fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, pivoting, offense, defense, and rebounding - for the entire team.
  • Treating their team as a complete unit, being creative in playing a combination of players and starting lineups to ensure the entire team is being developed.
  • Contacting parents with any player problems/concerns.  If the problem or concern is not addressed please speak with a Club board member.
  • 8th Grade coaches (and the Club board) are responsible for contacting high school coaches to encourage their participation in the development of incoming freshmen for the following year.


  • We endeavor to maintain consistent practice times throughout the season.  However, there may be ocassions when practice or game times may change.
  • We cannot accommodate individual requests for specific game or practice days/times.  There are multiple PCTBC teams, and thus, special accommodation is very difficult.
  • Games are typically on weekends, but we may have some weeknight games as the schedule permits.
  • Game times always depend upon gym availability.
  • A team game schedule will be issued prior to the start of the season, but again, additional games may be added throughout the season as various venues have room.

Conduct that falls short of the expectations outlined above could result in discipline, including but not limited to game suspensions and/or expulsion from the Club pursuant to the terms of our By-Laws.